Binance to Remove Select TUSD Trading Pairs

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Binance has announced the forthcoming removal of specific trading pairs involving TrueUSD (TUSD), a stablecoin with ties to tech entrepreneur Justin Sun. The pairs set for delisting are COMP/TUSD, EDU/TUSD, and PENDLE/TUSD, alongside BNB pairs with Arpa and EduCoin. This change is scheduled for March 15, 2024, at 3:00 am UTC.

The decision, part of Binance’s routine market quality assessment, aims to safeguard users and preserve a robust trading environment. Factors influencing the delisting include the pairs’ liquidity and trading volume. However, Binance reassures users that this action does not signify the complete withdrawal of the assets from the platform. Other trading pairs featuring the same base and quote assets remain accessible for spot trading.

Additionally, Binance will cease the spot trading bot services for these pairs concurrently with the delisting process. Users are advised to adjust or discontinue their bot activities to prevent potential financial repercussions.

This announcement follows a turbulent period for TUSD, which saw its value momentarily deviate from its $1 peg earlier in the year, prompting a significant sell-off. Despite these challenges, TUSD continues to be paired with major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, on Binance.

Action Required: Traders utilizing the affected pairs or associated bot services should take prompt action before the delisting date to manage their holdings and strategies accordingly.

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