NTPC Talcher Thermal Concludes “Girl Empowerment Mission 2024” With A Grand Closing Ceremony – Indian PSU

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NTPC Talcher Thermal celebrated the successful completion of its flagship CSR initiative, the “Girl Empowerment Mission 2024” with a grand closing ceremony on 10th June 2024. This one-month-long initiative has been instrumental in empowering 40 young girls from 9 government schools across 4 gram panchayats by providing them with quality education, health awareness, life skills training, and mentorship opportunities.

The closing ceremony was graced by a distinguished panel of guests, including Shri Goutam Deb, Executive Director, Talcher Thermal, Dr. J.P Roy, GM (Project), Shri Chander Shekhar, GM (CCD), Shri Deepak, GM (Engineering), along with Smt. Bipasha Deb, President, Sagarika Ladies Club, and senior members of the club.

Sharing views on the event, Shri Goutam Deb, Executive Director, of Talcher Thermal, said “Talcher Thermal has always been dedicated to empowering and uplifting the girls in our neighboring villages. Over the past month, we have witnessed remarkable growth and transformation in these young minds. This year, we have positively impacted the lives of an additional 40 girls, bringing our total to approximately 300 girls in four years. We are steadfast in our belief that through these concerted efforts, we can create a more equitable and inclusive society, ensuring every girl has the opportunity to contribute to a brighter future”.

The ceremony featured a showcase of the girls’ achievements over the past month, including cultural performances, educational projects, arts & crafts exhibition, yoga & martial arts demonstration, and various life skills they have acquired. The girls shared their experiences, expressing gratitude for the knowledge and support they received, which has inspired them to dream bigger and strive for excellence.

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