Roboteon introduces Robotics Fulfillment Platform

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Software platform provider Roboteon has unveiled its Robotics Fulfillment Platform for integrating and optimizing warehouse workflows with robots. 

The product comes as interest in robots in distribution is very high, driven by labor shortages and rising costs. At the same time, companies must respond to dynamic business conditions, and in some cases flexibly scale-up to meet peak season requirements, Roboteon said. On top of that, many companies struggle to integrate robots with WMS software, add different robot types after the initial deployment, orchestrate workflows across multiple processes, and preserve throughput gains with advanced execution tools.

California-based Roboteon says its platform can solve those challenges by extending from core integration and workflow enablement to advanced fulfillment orchestration in heterogeneous environments. It optimizes task flow and fulfillment execution by enabling people, robots, and other automation to work together as one by synchronizing tasks between humans and robots, the firm says. 




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