Bilt Rewards Now Offers Status Matching For Air France-KLM Flying Blue

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  • Bilt Rewards offers Flying Blue status match, providing elite benefits like priority boarding and lounge access.
  • Like airline loyalty programs, Bilt’s is determined by eligible spending and qualifying points.
  • The rent loyalty company has partnered with airlines like Air France-KLM and Alaska Airlines, providing more travel opportunities for members.

Launched in June 2021, Bilt Rewards is the first-ever loyalty program and co-brand credit card for renters in the United States. The company has now launched an exciting initiative for Flying Blue passengers.

According to Travel and Leisure, on March 16, Bilt announced a status match for Flying Blue, the loyalty program of Air France, KLM, Air Calin, and Tarom. With the rewards’ membership being based in the US, some readers may see this as particularly unusual, as most Flying Blue airlines operate outside the United States. However, customers whose status matches Flying Blue Gold or higher get SkyTeam Elite Plus status, which is also valid on US-based SkyTeam carrier Delta Air Lines. They can expect the same perks as elite medallion members, such as SkyPriority, SkyTeam’s priority baggage handling, and ground operations, such as priority boarding product names.

Here is a table on how Bilt Status can be achieved.

Eligible spending

Qualifying points

Bilt Silver



Bilt Gold



Bilt Platinum



Here is how Flying Blue Status can be earned for readers who aren’t Bilt customers.

  • Flying Blue Silver: 100XP
  • Flying Blue Gold: 180XP
  • Flying Blue Platinum: 300XP

Photo: Antonio Salaverry | Shutterstock

A Paris to New York return flight is 30XP when booked through Air France or KLM’s website.

In this same article, Brandt Smallwood, Bilt’s Chief Strategy Officer, said

With this new status tier benefit, being a Bilt Platinum member is even more valuable, with premium status benefits like priority check-in and boarding, free seating selections and checked baggage, and lounge access on Air France, KLM, and the SkyTeam Alliance airlines.”


The Different Tiers Of Air France-KLM’s Flying Blue Program

Elite status with Flying Blue offers access to perks globally.

Bilt also recently concluded a partnership with Alaska Airlines on March 15, and Bilt’s CEO Ankur Jain had this to say about aviation partnerships.

As one of the most loved brands in aviation, this first-of-its-kind partnership with Alaska Airlines not only broadens Bilt’s members’ ability to travel everywhere Alaska and its partners fly but also exemplifies our commitment to providing Americans with more valuable ways to earn and redeem rewards on their most significant monthly expense, rent, and within their local neighborhood.

A new airline for Flying Blue?

An SAS Airbus A350-900 flying in the sky.

Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

Readers following our articles recently will remember that the Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) has been going through financial hardship in the past few years, which led the carrier to declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the USA. As part of the restructuring efforts, the carrier announced Air France-KLM acquired a 19,9% share of the airline – and to align with the French-dutch conglomerate, the carrier would switch from Star Alliance, which it helped in creating in favor of SkyTeam. While nothing has been confirmed yet, the airline could join Flying Blue.

Whether it does or not, it will benefit from SkyTeam integrated loyalty benefits, and as such, Bilt clients with status will also get to try out their newly acquired SkyTeam status on the Scandinavian flag carrier.

Overall, Bilt has shown strong interest in the aviation sector. In the space of 48 hours, it concluded agreements with airlines that are members of two major alliances, SkyTeam and oneworld, opening up worldwide award possibilities for their clients. It is a positive sign for the aviation industry to see interest from other sectors as we fully recover following the COVID-19 downturn.

Do you hold frequent flyer status? If so, with which airline? Let us know in the comment section.

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